2019 World Cup - Team of the Group Stage

2019 World Cup - Team of the Group Stage

The FIFA World Cup is going on and a few days ago the Group Stage finished up. We had so many great games during this 2019 World Cup and especially in the women’s game, we saw so many stars being born. This tournament will be HUGE for the women’s game and we will have the growth of so many international stars! Here is the team of the 2019 FIFA World Cup Group Stage:

GK: Almuth Schult - Germany

Schult had a fantastic group stage starting in net for all three games against China, Spain, and South Africa. Schult didn’t allow a single goal in the entire group stage and was easily the best player on the field in their second game against Spain. 


RB: Lucy Bronze - England

Bronze is the lone England player in this XI and for a good reason. She was the starting right-back for England in all three games against Scotland, Argentina, and Japan. England had a fantastic defensive group stage as they only allowed one goal as a team. Bronze was a huge part of that as well, bring a force on the right side of the field. 


CB: Sara Doorsoun - Germany

The other Germany player in this XI is their starting center-back for all three games, Sara Doorsoun. Doorsoun was a rock in the middle of the field as she lead Germany to a group stage where they did not allow a single goal. She was the best defensive player on the field in all three games for Germany and someone who will lead Germany into the next rounds. 


CB: Wendy Renard - France

Maybe one of the stars so far of the World Cup has been Renard. Renard was the starting center-back for France in all three of their group stage games where they only allowed one goal in total. Renard was clutch offensively scoring three goals in total for these three games.


LB: Amel Majri - France

The second French player is also on that backline, Amel Majri. Majri was the starting left-back for France in all three games as they dominated defensively. Majri also added two assists as she BOMBED down that left side of the field. 


CM: Lauren LeSommer - France

LeSommer lead this star studded France team in the Round of 16 with a total of 2 goals and 1 assist. She has been key for the French team to get things moving offensively which has been a struggle for them in this World Cup. Watch out for LeSommer to lead the charge and be the difference maker for France.


CM: Sam Mewis - USA

OUR FIRST USWNT PLAYER!!! Sam Mew-ed us onto the Round of 16 with three stellar performances. Mewis has been the key cog in the U.S. midfield to get goals on the board. Mewis racked up 2 goals and 3 assists during the group stage.


CM: Jennifer Hermoso - Spain

Hermoso’s play has been… hermoso! She was easily the best player on the field for Spain in the group stage. She totaled 2 goals in 3 games and without her, Spain probably isn’t moving on into the Round of 16.


CM: Cristiana Girelli - Italy

One of the surprise teams moving on is Italy. The only reason why the Italians are moving on is because of star midfielder Cristiana Girelli. Girelli played in all three games for Italy, scoring a total of three goals. Is she a striker? A center-forward? A midfielder? Does it matter? No… because to me she’s in my midfield. 


ST: Sam Kerr - Australia

“Suck on that one” is the perfect quote from Kerr during this group stage. Kerr lead a struggling Aussie Aussie Aussie side onto the Round of 16 with FIVE goals in three games. Kerr also scored four goals in one game to get Australia to the second spot in the group.


ST: Alex Morgan - USA

The final player on the World Cup Team of the Group Stage is USWNT striker Alex Morgan. Morgan only played in two games for the United States but was able to rack up five goals and 3 assists. Morgan was finishing balls and dealing to her teammates as well. She was the only striker in the World Cup to rack up the amount of assists she has as well!


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